The Tricolour Arrows land in San Benedetto. The show scheduled for June 8 and 9

SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO - One year on, San Benedetto makes it and, barring any resounding surprises, is expected to host the Frecce Tricolori show over the skies of the Riviera on June 8 and 9.

"The date is confirmed by the Air Force General Staff," Fermo's Aeroclub Picenum secretary Luigi Marangoni tells us. The association is the body responsible for maintaining relations with the Air Force for the performances of the P.a.n., the national aerobatic patrol known to most as the Tricolored Arrows.

Clubs, in fact, apply by Sept. 30 for a date on the Arrows' busy schedule. And, originally, the show was to be held on the Riviera on August 4. At that time, however, P.a.n is busy touring abroad between the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Lithuania. Hence the decision to move the show.

It will therefore be a two-day event. The planes, which are expected to be based at Pescara airport, will be over the skies of San Benedetto for dress rehearsals on June 8 and then the actual show the next day. Full coverage of the event by RAI is also possible; in this regard there are some contacts ongoing.

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